Mission Statement: The mission of Mosquito Control is to provide Leon County residents with effective and environmentally sound mosquito control services.

Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito Control services are available to all city and county residents. Direct services include inspections, larvicide applications, hand spraying, truck sprays and, where appropriate, placement of mosquito fish.

For evening biting mosquitoes, large property or street spraying is the most efficient control method. Hand-spraying is effective for daytime biting mosquitoes. Yard spraying by hand can be requested before special outdoor events are planned for the comfort of your guests.

All services except hand-sprays are conducted at no cost. Hand spraying will be done twice per calendar year at no cost. Additional hand spray services are charged at $25 per treatment, payable at time of service.

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New: Mosquito Treasure Boxes from our School and Youth Program. Educational supplies and activities for area science teachers.