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Leon County COVID-19 Community Update for April 9

Thursday, April 9, 2020 | 

April 9, 2020

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread globally, Leon County Emergency Management is committed to actively monitoring the disease and coordinating preparedness efforts with local health officials, healthcare providers, first responders and other critical emergency response functions.

The following update provides a timely, accurate, and vetted source of official County and community information.

Significant Changes since Last Update

  • Spiritually Connected, Virtually Together. Even during religious holidays, it is still important to remember to stay home and adhere to physical distancing. As a result, many local religious organizations are hosting online services this week to allow individuals to stay spiritually connected to their place of worship. Find a list of virtual services here.
  • REMINDER - Leon County and Constitutional Offices will be appropriately staffed to provide essential services though online- and phone-based systems during normal business hours. For specifics read the News Release here
  • EXTENDED - All jury trials are cancelled through May 31.
  • COVID-19 by the Numbers. Turning to our public health update, global cases of COVID-19 is now nearly 1.5 million. According to the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) there are 74 positive cases of COVID-19 in Leon County. In Florida, there are now 16,364 positive cases of COVID-19, and 354 COVID-19-related deaths. These numbers are updated regularly by FDOH; visit the dashboard for more detailed information, here
  • Florida is maintaining a FAQ about essential services established in the Governor's safer at home order.
    • To view the State of Florida's FAQ on the order, click here.

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As you may have noticed, we are no longer including the entire community update in this message. Instead, we have organized all of the information from previous community updates in a COVID-19 Information Portal. Below you will find the content available on the portal.

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Government Coronavirus Guidelines - Federal Government
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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions: COVID-19 Testing
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Continue to follow for any local updates or changes to services.

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