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Leon County COVID-19 Community Update for April 3

Friday, April 3, 2020 | 

April 3, 2020

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread globally, Leon County Emergency Management is committed to actively monitoring the disease and coordinating preparedness efforts with local health officials, healthcare providers, first responders, and other critical emergency response functions.

The following update provides a timely, accurate, and vetted source of official County and community information.

Significant Changes since Last Update

  • Essential Services established in the Governor's safer at home order. Under the order, all Floridians are required to limit movements and interactions outside their home to only those necessary to obtain or provide essential services or conduct essential activities. To view the full order, click here.
    • To view a list of essential services provided by the Florida Division of Emergency Management, click here.
    • To request that your business be added to the approved list of essential services, click here.
  • REVISED - As a result of the Governor’s order and consistent with the County’s own revised order, there will no longer be a curfew.
  • EXTENDED - As a result of the Governor’s order, County libraries, community centers, and active recreation facilities will remain closed through April 30. Also, County offices will remain closed to the public through April 30. 
  • Yesterday, the Governor also issued:
    • Executive Order 20-93, to improve DEO’s Reemployment Assistance Program, and stated that paper applications for jobless benefits will soon be accepted.
    • Executive Order 20-94, to provide targeted, temporary relief from certain mortgage foreclosures and evictions for 45 days, without relieving an individual’s obligation to make mortgage payments and rent payments.
  • Scammers exploit US Census and COVID-19. An emerging scam involves a false claim that Floridians must respond to the 2020 Census in order to receive a coronavirus stimulus payment. The scam message usually includes a link that directs anyone who clicks on it to a fake website with prompts to provide sensitive personal information. While participating in the Census is mandatory, there is no connection between completing the Census and receiving a stimulus check. For more information, click here.

County building inspections will now be done remotely through video technology or photographs. To protect the health of our building inspectors and the public they serve, no County building inspector will enter an occupied residence and all final inspections not required for a Certificate of Occupancy may be rescheduled at the requested of the contractor or homeowner. Also, all building permit extension fees are waived and building permit expiration dates are extended for six months, pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order 20-52.


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As you may have noticed, we are no longer including the entire community update in this message. Instead, we have organized all of the information from previous community updates in a COVID-19 Information Portal. Below you will find the content available on the portal.

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