Teresa Broxton
Teresa Broxton Director of Intervention and Detention Alternatives
501-C Appleyard Drive Tallahassee, FL 32304

The concept of Supervised Pretrial Release services was intended to address the federal Speedy Trial Act of 1974. The objective was to determine whether the use of comprehensive information about the defendant by the judge in making a release decision and pretrial supervision of those released would cut down on the cost of unnecessary supervised pre-trial detention, reduce the failure to appear rate and to deter the commission of crime by those defendants.

The staff work in rotating shifts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Reports are prepared by the Pretrial Specialist which provide information such as family ties and character, mental condition, length of residence in the community, employment history, past criminal conduct, and history relating to drug or alcohol abuse. The Senior Pretrial Release Specialist attends all First Appearances to assist the Judge in release decisions and determining specific conditions of release. Staff is also responsible for administering court ordered alcohol testing and monitoring client compliance with drug testing and other court imposed conditions for everyone who is released, including those released on bond. Staff also informs the Judge of any pending violation of probation charges and their status.

Other functions include:

  • Interviews all arrestees booked into the Leon County Jail
  • Provide Court Ordered release and monitoring of defendants
  • Attend all First Appearance Hearings to provide input and information to Judges in release decisions
  • Provide notice to defendants of all required court dates
  • Enforce court order conditions of release, such as alcohol and drug testing, and various counseling interventions (i.e. employment, anger management, mental health, etc)
  • Provide electronic monitoring, utilizing both Global Positioning Satellite Monitoring for defendants under Court Ordered conditions

The Leon County Supervised Pretrial Release Program’s newest cost effective tool used as an alternative to incarceration is GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) Unlike traditional electronic monitoring which can only tell if an offender is at home or not, GPS allows for 24 hour tracking of an offender’s movement and location. This system also provides for victim notification in the event an offender travels within a certain radius of a victims home, workplace or other location. Both 'active' and 'passive' units are available.

Teresa Broxton
Director of Intervention and Detention Alternatives
(850) 606-5600

Pretrial Release Supervisor
(850) 606-5700

Ashley Jones
Senior Pretrial Release Specialist
(850) 606-5727

Malinda Harris
Pretrial Release Technician
(850) 606-5715

Kimberly E. Akins
Pretrial Release Technician
(850) 606-5724

The following is a current listing of SUPERVISED Pretrial release and GPS program staff:

Michael Anderson
Pretrial Release Specialist

Christina Keel
Pretrial Release Specialist

Brian Crum
Pretrial Release Specialist

Delores Gaines
Pretrial Release Specialist

Liz Holmes
Pretrial Release Specialist

Ashley Jones
Pretrial Release Specialist

Johnny Lane
Pretrial Release Specialist

Tia Legree
Pretrial Release Specialist

Eduard Rodriguez
Pretrial Release Specialist

Leonard Rowe
Pretrial Release Case Worker

Felisha Stewart
Pretrial Release Specialist