Jud Allen
Luther Gunter Director Building Plans Review and Inspection
Developement Support and Environmental Management 435 N. Macomb Street Renaissance Center, 2nd Floor
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Permitting, Inspection, Development Support and Environmental Management

The goal of the Division of Building Inspection is to ensure a safely built environment for the public within the unincorporated areas of Leon County. Building Inspection effectively and efficiently obtains compliance with appropriate construction codes and Leon County Code of Laws through permit issuance, plans review, inspections, use of automation technologies, training, support for the County's Contractor Licensing and Code Enforcement Boards and the Board of Adjustment and Appeals; all to be performed in a customer and staff sensitive manner.

The Leon County Department of Development Support and Environmental Management, in partnership with the Leon County Office of Resource Stewardship, are pleased to announce the acceptance of solar permit applications through our Velocity Hall electronic permitting program. This new initiative is now available to all licensed solar, electrical, plumbing and pool contractors. If you are a registered contractor and have a solar master permit file recorded in our office, you may apply online and potentially receive your permit within minutes. If you have not registered for this time saving service, please contact our office at 606-1300 for information on how to register for Velocity Hall. For a complete list of all automated permits available, please click here.


  1. Review of building construction plans prior to issuance of permits to ensure structures are designed in accordance with applicable codes.
  2. Ensure structures are constructed in accordance with approved plans and applicable codes through onsite inspections.
  3. Provide staff support to the Contractors Licensing Board to ensure contractors’ performance complies with State and local requirements.
  4. Review new construction products, methods, and materials prior to use in Leon County.
  5. Provide staff support to the Board of Adjustment and Appeals and the Code Enforcement Board.
  6. Provide assistance to the Florida Association of Counties, Florida League of Cities, and the Building Officials Association of Florida during the Legislative Session and related Committee meetings regarding local impacts of proposed construction legislation.